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I came for a look round at Hillcrescent Farm because my Occupational Therapist suggested it. I agreed to have a look round, but because of my diffiulties I wasn’t totally sure if it was the right thing for me. When I came to look round Katie and Stuart were really friendly so I thought I’d give it a try. When it was my first morning I was anxious and didn’t want to go, when I was there all the things that I was worried about, I didn’t even think of anymore. After my first day I wasn’t worried anymore and wasn’t worried about coming back the following week, it was an enjoyable first day. Coming here makes me forget about the things I am usually worried about because I am concentrating on looking after the animals.

I am able to cope with my OCD because the facilities are well set out and don’t make me anxious about using them.

Instead of getting lifts from my family, I have started using the bus to get there. This is something that I would have never thought I would have ever done before going to the farm, but because of the effect the animals and people who run it have on me I am happy to catch it.


I’m never concerned about the time when I am at the farm, because I enjoy it so much. A day at the farm is like a week anywhere else. Anytime I ask questions, even if I have asked it half a dozen times, it is always answered patiently and like the first time I have asked it. I am never asked to do any jobs that I am uncomfortable with

I always dreamed of running away to a desert island to get away from the things that upset me and make my life difficult and the farm is the closest thing to that I have ever found!

I would suggest to anyone who was nervous about going to the farm to give a taster session a try. D.S Aug 2015




We live the other side of Sutton Coldfield and have brought our daughter here ... This being her first trips to a farm. Everyone is friendly and always want to do their best for us. As a professional working with families where a child/ren has a disability or diagnosis of ADHD aspergers etc it's nice to know that not far away is somewhere theat they can go have fun and also learn new skills. Something which is very few and far in between these days.I wish Hillcrescent farm nothing but the absolute best for the future. for me and my daughter we will be back very soon :) xxx



After visiting your farm today, I cannot believe what was on our doorstep. I only live 5 minutes away in Castle Bromwich and had not really known about the farm. I only wish I'd have brought my children along to see Santa too! My youngest son has Autism and has previously not shown any interest in animals whatsoever. To see him today touching a goat and sheep and then holding a rabbit on his lap was amazing! He keeps saying that he "gave the goat a biscuit" and looks really pleased with himself. It would be even more amazing if you managed to get the small animal barn. I wish you all the luck with that and would like to reiterate how fab it is for our local community to have a place like yours in our reach.



Thanks hillcrescent farm for the personal touch! My daughter loved feeding the lambs last year and all the contact with the other animals. As a child my nan had a caravan on a farm and i helped with feeding, shearing, moving cows for milking etc this something i will never forget and have many happy stories!! I feel you will make many happy stories and memories for my daughter!! Thanks so much!!



We are in castle Bromwich and just love to visit your farm, it is all so welcoming and just a great experience every time we come. I hope that more weekend/school holiday activities/events happen, you are providing a superb service to the local community and we very much appreciate it. Thanks


The children love coming to visit your farm as they always have a hands on, educational experience with you. We have been on a few of your activity days and will def be returning again this year. Our first trip was in the spring to feed the lambs, the children loved mixing up the feeds, and hand feeding the lambs, while learning about their part in the food chain ( after some intense questioning! ) We then walked round the farm, looking at and learning about all the other animals, feeding some as we went and seeing some of the other parts of the farm, they especially enjoyed collecting eggs! We then visited on an activity day to build a bat box, this was especially enjoyable for the children as they got to build their own (with a lot of supervising and assistance from the very patient Stuart!!) whilst doing this they enjoyed discussing with you both the importance of Bats as a part of the ecosystem, eg, insect regulation and seed pollination etc, they still talk about these things if ever bats are mentioned. They also enjoyed hearing about some bat surveys Katie did during her college days, and the conservation issues affecting bats and thier environment. They love looking out for bats when the visit thier granny's house at dusk and are certainly not afraid of them now! Our last visit this year was on a 'build a reindeer day' which again was very hands on, right from collecting the wood, to putting the different parts together to create their reindeer ( again with lots of guidance from Stuart and Katie!) This day we also helped to collect wood to light a fire, and enjoyed toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate made on the fire, whilst the children learned the importance of fire safety. After a long walk round the farm looking at the animals and a cuddle with the small animals we were able to bring our reindeer back home with us. We think your farm would be an asset to any local community, as you give a very personal, educational approach to all the different children who visit. It is lovely for children to experience all the things you offer, so that regardless of where they live they can learn and appreciate the animals and countryside, and the importance of these within our environment. Many thanks again for an amazing year of visits, and we will be returning the first chance we get this year.





Poppy Field
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